With this design, I created powerful combinations of cues to help the brand stand out. I wanted to capture the meaning of the brand name and infusing the design with energy.  I wanted the typography to look like it was just starting to boil. Including original hand-drawn illustrations  would be the best representation of capturing the energy. 
 A new problem I had to solve was designing a poster for cooking demos. With this task, I wanted to showcase the variety of flavors in the product line by taking the illustrations and showcasing the variety and including an upbeat pattern. The poster turned out to be a great success and the client loved the variety of colors and thought the poster was eye-catching.   It was very important to me for Al Dente to have a cohesive look and feel brand, which was lacking in the original designs. I made a deliberate choice to elevate the e in demos to carry on the brand consistency. 
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